Building - We undertake contracts of all sizes, from small home extentions to factories, office blocks, car showrooms etc. No contract is to large or small, we are also prepared to quote for ground works only. Featured in the photograph is the Crown Public House at Powick, a new property built in traditional style. We were responsible for all ground works on this contract.


Reg Vardy.

Featured in the photograph is a new car showroom and service bays built for Reg Vardy at Walsall, West Midlands. We were responsible for all ground works on this contract, including carparks etc.


Summer Houses.

This summer house was built by us recently, this photograph shows the exterior design.
All the doors windows and roof timbers were fabricated in our own workshops.

summer outside

Summer Houses.

This photograph shows the interior design of the summer house.
We were responsible for the complete project from design to completion.



Primafruits are based at Evesham, Worcestershire, the photograph shows their office block.
We were responsible for the total ground works package.



This photograph shows the fruit packaging plant, which has an approximate floor area of 65,000 square feet.
All ground works including the internal floors were completed by ourselves.



This photograph shows one of our machines completing the ground works at Shukers new showroom in Shrewsbury.



This photograph shows Shukers new showroom completed. We were responsible for all ground works on this site, we also built a test track for Rangerovers and Discoveries at the rear of the showroom.





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